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The best way to determine if the trip is of interest to you, is to give us a call. However, before you do so, please take a look at the photos. They should give you an impression of what to expect.


Please contact us for detailed information and any questions you may have about the trip.

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Wilderness Tours

Outfitter - Frank Feldmann

Frank Feldmann:
Owner of Wilderness-Tours.

"In a world changing more quickly with each passing year, it is important to step outside our usual daily routines, to slow down, and to take time to remember what connects us all"

Authorized outfitter in Lapland and Greenland with guided trips since 1981.



With Frank on the team one can feel safe in the wilderness. With his many years of experience Frank manages to take stock of any situation so everything is taken care of one way or the other. He volunteers his knowledge and you learn something new every day.

Food for the senses. Owner Klaus Seidenfaden

I had probably not quite counted on salmon fishing in this category existed in Kalix river. Big and strong ones. The salmon fishing wasn´t more difficult than usual and 3 salmons in 4 days where the largest was around 11 kg is now my personal record. Not to mention the one that robbed my new and expensive line. The menu was also a bit of a surprise and as a single complaint, I now have to start running again. It was definitely an exciting and ACTIVE fishing trip, I highly recommend you.

Quality inspector. Peter Kjaer

The dream of a proper trip in the wilderness finally came true. It was a spectacular area and it is hard to believe that it exists here in Scandinavia before seeing it in person. The 5 days spent in places that were untouched since the dawn of time were far more than I have expected.  “We will be back”!
IT consultant Brian A. Østergaard

Back to reality and so it was. A wonderful but also demanding experience and it will definitely not be the last. I have the utmost trust in Frank. It was obvious that he was raised with nature. One of the good things about him is that he makes it all work without too much talk. Finally he is able to make you trust his abilities, which proofs to be correct. He clearly knows what he is doing.

SAS. Head of department, Suzanne Ergodan.

A wilderness trip puts everyday life into perspective and Frank is a knowledgeable and inspiring leader. I look forward to Canada Mountain river.
Palæ vinduespolering. CEO John R. Nielsen

Hiking in Greenland - Tasermiut

Hiking in Greenland - Tasermiut

The Greenlandic guide was born in Tasermiut and shows how to move in the wilderness - catch your own dinner and gain insight to which plants that are edible. 

Tasermiut in South Greenland is placed on National Geographic top 10 list of most spectacular places on the Earth. Awesome vertical mountain walls and rivers running in the lush valleys between mountains into the fjord. On the boat transfer to the Kloster Valley we have the view into the spectacular Sermeg Glacier and its 1300 m, practically, vertical ice edge which meets the sea at the end of the Tasermiut Fjord. Historically, we are in the land of the viking explorer Eric the Red, who came in the 900th century with his people from Norway and Iceland. They decided to stay and the ruins of that time can still be found all over South Greenland.

The trip takes place on one of the most spectacular unmarked "trails" in the world. Places like Qinngua Valley and Kloster Valley have excellent fly fishing and on our unique camps, we prepare arctic chars and supplies on the campfire and turn it into gourmet outdoor dinners. You don’t need to be an expert in order to join us on this impressive hike, but the trip demands, that you are in a very good hiking shape, for this high grade "trail". We will stay over night in expedition tents, and the trips will be carried out as smoothly as possible on terms of the wilderness.  


Hiking in Greenland - Price


Hiking on your own.
From 4.500 DKK.

12.975 DKK

Together we plan your trip on your requests, based on my knowledge. We’ll back you up - Adventures at the edge of civilization can seem challenging to prepare for. When you contact Greenland Outfitters you are dealing with friendly people who run your trip, not a travel agency. Assistance with flight plans, clothing and equipment planning.


Call us or mail to us on 011 299 284 851 or mail@greenlandoutfitters.com – we are always prepared to give you a good offer, and talk about the trip.




Practical information:
You don’t need to be an expert in order to join us, but the trip demands, that you are in a very good hiking shape, since we will follow a true wilderness “track”. We will stay in Greenland Outfitters proven expedition tents. The trips will be carried out as comfortable and smoothly as possible on terms of the wilderness.


At the campsite we aim to make our primitive days in the wild as comfortable as possible and we stay the night in expedition tents. 7 nights in the wilderness and 3 nights in youth hostel.


The food in the wilderness is included. We cook together in the open using dried ingredients that we brought with us and which we supplement with gathered berries, herbs and mushrooms as well as fresh fish.


The weather in Greenland can vary a lot. Although the weather is usually lovely in summer it is not unusual for it to change from heat wave to cold and wet weather in just a matter of hours. It is important to bring clothes for any occasion. You should also bring a pair of hiking boots and it is best that you break them in before the trip. Remember that you must carry all your personal equipment plus your part of the supplies and tents and other equipment for the camp. Please do not bring too much, your personal equipment should fit into a 35-40 litre backpack. Instead bring some soap to wash socks and t-shirts from day to day. It is okay to bring your fishing gear. When signing up we send the information pack with advice for the wilderness and a list of equipment for the trip. We recommend that you read this material thoroughly.


Your other luggage can be stored at Nanortalik while we are gone. If you wish, you can bring a smaller backpack/bag to keep it in. Note that we cannot take responsibility for your luggage.


Flight connections:
Flights are not Included! We happily help with booking.
Iceland Air: International Airport to Reykjavik Airport for Greenland flight. International flights Reykjavik / Iceland - Narsassuaq / Greenland - Reykjavik Iceland. Thursday (Copenhagen and Reykjavik) to Tuesday (Copenhagen and Reykjavik). Saturday (Reykjavik) to Thursday (Copenhagen and Reykjavik). Monday (Reykjavik) to Saturday (Reykjavik).
Airgreenland: International Airport to Copenhagen Airport for Greenland flight. International flights Copenhagen - Narsarsuaq - Qaqortoq - Nanortalik - Qaqortoq - Narsarsuaq - Copenhagen.


Travelling in Greenland:
It is always a good idea in Greenland to have a couple of extra days at either end of the trip, to allow for changes due to the weather. These will also allow you to see more of Greenland - Hot springs - The ice cap tour - Hvalsey. In case of storm or or pack ice  prevents us from reaching our final destination (force majeure), no compensation will be paid.  At wind conditions more than 12 m/s, precautions must be made and the boat transfer must wait for better weather.

Entry Requirements:
Greenland has the same entry, passport and visa requirements as for Denmark. EU citizens need a valid identity card or passport for a tourist stay of up to three months. Entry Requirements Greenland has the same entry, passport and visa requirements as for Denmark. EU citizens need a valid identity card or passport for a tourist stay of up to three months.

Personal expenses, money and currency:
You must cover meals and other personal expenses on the return trip to Greenland. Do not expect to be able to use credit cards but instead bring cash in Danish currency.

You have to take out insurance that cover hiking in Greenland. Your insurance must include rescue by helicopter.


  • Boat transfer Nanortalik-Tasermiut - Nanortalik
  • Experienced Greenlandic guide
  • All meals during the Hiking expedition
  • 3 nights in youth hostel
  • Personal equipment in the camp
  • 7 nights in the wilderness
  • All meals in the wilderness, and meals in Nanortalik
  • Information pack with advice for the wilderness and a list of equipment for the trip
  • VAT, special scheme for travel agencies
  • Product liability insurance


Not included:

  • Return trip to Nanortalik
  • Travel insurance
  • Cancellation insurance
  • Catering in addition to the above
  • Personal expenses
  • Accommodation in Narsaq


All that was not described under “included”


Day 1.
By plane and helicopter to Nanortalik. The group gathers in Nanortalik upon arrival, we go through our personal equipment for the trip and stay overnight at the town's hostels.


Day 2.
On the boat transfer to the Kloster Valley we have the view on the spectacular Sermeq Glacier and its 1300 m, practically, vertical ice edge which meets the water at the end of the Tasermiut Fjord. We pitch camp by the river in the Kloster Valley, catch Arctic chars for dinner and explore the remains of the monastery. Our supplies consist of delicious dried ingredients and are supplemented with berries, herbs, mushrooms and fish. We stay the night in expedition tents that fit 2-3 people.


Day 3. 
From the Klosterdalen you can see the Inlandice in the buttom of the fjord. The hiking starts at the Uiluiit Kuua river, passing the famours Ketil on the way. The valley is hard to walk with many bushes, however the landscape is fantastic, and our Greenlandic Iniut guide shows how to move in the wilderness. In Greenland it is tradition to fish Arctic char using the hands or with a single fishing line without a fishing rod. Most hikers are joining todays gear weight reduce race, forgetting it can be reduced a lot more by learning how to find and use the fresh ingredients given to us by nature, and same time lifting the level of adventure and meals.


Day 4. - 5. 
We continue up through Tupaassat passing Glaciers down to the Kangikitsoq Fjord, where we can enjoy the view towards the Cape Farewell country. The route between breathtaking alpine mountain peaks, glaciers and rivers is not an easy hike. Many places we walk between boulders. At our campsite time is spent with everything related to life in the wilderness.

Day 6. - 8.
We walk up and down through the Qinngua Valley’s magnificent lush landscape with the only woodland in Greenland with more than 300 different plants. We enjoy the amazing view while we hike down the untouched valley. The river has a rich population of large Arctic chars, and under the Arctic sky, the fresh ingredients we cook over the open fire are the ideal accompaniment to our fish. In the evening we enjoy ourselves by the campfire with something warm to drink.

Day 9.
The everyday life back home is now behind us and being in the wilderness on its own terms, has become a part of our daily life.We come down to Saputit where the boat takes us back. Arriving in Nanortalik we get a hot shower and a sauna. At the hostel we sit on chairs, enjoying an ice cold Greenlandic beer accomplished with a musk ox meal, and later on a realisticly and soft bed will be waiting.

Day 10.
We relax in Nanortalik village, and in the evening, we eat together at the hostel.

Day 11.
Next morning you bring home the wilderness experience. Departure is by helicopter and flight back home - or. 
In travelling to Greenland you should take time to see the hot springs, the ice cap and Hvalsey. Historically, we are in the land of Eric the Red, a Viking explorer. In year 1000, around 3000 settlers lived in this area, but 500 years later they had vanished into thin air, and it is still a mystery, how and why they disappeared. The ruins of that time can still be found all over South Greenland. On request we arrange a package tour including accomandation.


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